Sending a spiritual message through a jewel to be worn as a totem with the purpose of communicating to others who we are.With this concept,LE SIBILLE,leading worldwide jewellery brand,after 27 years of research and success opens its new atelier in Rome(Via Muzio Clementi 68/b).The goal is submit people a place where testing the ancient craftmanships and recover them into pieces of art.Camilla Bronzini,Francesca Neri Serneri,Antonella Perugini are a recognized team who brought to the top the ancient Small Roman Mosaic technique into jewellery,mostly appreciated in Japan,Russia,Usa,China and Middle East.
What makes the different is this featuring,a prerogative of Vatican City since 1700s with LE SIBILLE’s skill that comes out from being always updated,ready for new cooperation and also for involving “low cost” materials in the jewelry.
The Company strategy is to recreate the essence of renaissance workshop,converting the love of PURE ART for handmade jewels with the mix of past and contemporary design.The production usually takes at least 60 days with final result of great refinement,starting from the spinning to the cutting glass tessera,from the gold structure to the setting stones.
Camilla,Francesca,Antonella take inspiration from different heritages, from the Greek to Roman,Bizantine,Baroque,Renaissance arts,considering Islamic influences too.
The Galla Placidia Mausoleum in Ravenna,the Gold Bracelet House in Pompei,the Cupido from Raffaello’s fresco are held in 18kt gold rings,Mandala,the Universe symbolic representation for Buddhiest and Induist religions,the mosques domes as well take part of this artistic journey. Our aim,Francesca clears up,is to train final consumers to become aware of iconic jewels, to acheive a sinergy between the customer and our creations.
Our precious jewels offer a message that goes beyond the substance,they are not a status but a sensorial experience like a tasting wine or an artwork watching.LE SIBILLE reflects this spirit in all collections,the Micromosaic,featuring 18kt gold,preciuos and semiprecious stones,the Giants,a multicolour and aristocratic outcome,Lilliput,a fresh and trendy line,Lumina, in bronze and silver with an easy mosaic result. The new born is Anima Natura,a limited edition with leaves and flowers trapped in silk and wool textures,finished with silver,bronze and natural stones with an eco-friendly effect.
Antonella…continues..LE SIBILLE is a case history providing the high test quality,made in Italy exclusive products available at our Atelier.Camilla goes on..a renewed open space where you can speak about the ancient goldsmith tradition,a workshop where you can learn different techniques through design and mosaic courses…a perfect teraphy to relax and find yourself!

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