Le Sibille

We are in 1990, in the heart of Rome. United by a strong passion for the history and ancient techniques of jewelry, Camilla Bronzini, Francesca Neri Serneri and Antonella Perugini give life to Le Sibille, a goldsmith workshop of excellence inspired by the ancient Renaissance workshop that brings to light the rare technique of the Small Roman Mosaic or “Micromosaic”, term coined precisely by Le Sibille. Today Le Sibille, which is the result of tireless curiosity and love for art and cultures from all over the world, is an internationally recognized and constantly evolving excellence, always nourished by the passion of the three founders.


Le Sibille, Maison of excellence in the production of jewels with Small Roman Mosaic, creates real wearable works of art. Each piece is handcrafted by mosaic masters in Rome, the Eternal City, the birthplace of ancient and contemporary art. From Italy to Japan, USA, Middle East, China, Hong Kong, UK, Europe, Le Sibille tells an Italian story of knowledge, culture, beauty all over the world, through a unique and unmistakable style.

Small Roman Mosaic

The jewels of Le Sibille are characterized by a combination of tradition and innovation. If on the one hand the Maison is always looking to the future, on the other it celebrates the tradition of different styles and historical eras, distinguishing itself for the modern reinterpretation of the ancient artisan technique of the Small Roman Mosaic or “Micromosaic”. The tiles that form the highly refined masterpieces take you back in time to the eighteenth century, to the ingenious intuition of an artisan of that time to save the frescoes of St. Peter in Vatican, which were deteriorating, covering them with the precious pieces of a mosaic.

From Rome to the World

The message of Le Sibille is a hymn to culture and universal love, which unites different eras, religions, cultures and sensibilities. It starts from Rome and is aimed at the whole world, without barriers or borders. And just as in the past the ancient prophetesses Sibille used to reveal the future to those who listened to their response, every Monday at 6 pm CET Le Sibille share their message with the world through the Instagram channel @lesibille. The appointment is a tribute from the Maison to the community in an atmosphere of union and sharing that includes all generations and represents the essence of Le Sibille.